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SERTUC Council Meeting

Other than the usual business delegates were expecting to listen to keynote speaker Claude Morais MEP, but Claude preferred to nip off to address a meeting ‘in the east Midlands’ rather than keep his appointment with TUC’s South East Regional council. His snub was rightly reprimanded by SERTUC regional Secretary Megan Dobney especially after the political annual conference season. With strikes and elections looming - general, European and local - doubts about a Labour Govt victory and concern about Labour’s persisting ‘tory’ policies you would have thought Claude would have had more political knowse than, at the last minute, to pull out of this diary date?

His absence gave more time to hear another speaker, Beverly Woodburn, report back on SERTUC’s “US Exchange” - an equality and diversity comparative research project on women”s roles in trade unions, partnered by Queen Mary University (London) and a number of US east coast universities.

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