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Archeology week at the Tower of London

Each year the City of London Archeological Society (COLAS) opens up the beach at Tower Hill for ‘excavation’ and local history. Not only does this event introduce the rich historical heritage of the area to the public, it continues a ‘royal decree’ made by George V in the 1930s that this stretch of riverside should be freely used ‘for ever’ as a place of enjoyment by the children of London. Archeology week enables not only children but others interested in ‘mudlarking’ to sift the shore line in search of ‘treasures’ - combining access, learning and exercise, as well as experience of the river and nature. The activity digs up remnants of old bones, Elizabethan roof tiles, Roman pottery, Medieval shoes, Jacobean pins and needles, pieces of old glass, all revealing the shoreline’s rich history. Working with KidsZone London, ArtZone Co-operative documents the event with videos, photographs, and cover stories about this ‘family’ event for educational, publications and website content.