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Aldgate and Whitechapel Heritage Survey

The Goodman’s Fields Railway Viaduct which runs the length of Pinchin Street is an important visual moment in Aldgate and Whitechapel. It is a reminder of local industrial heritage - bringing goods in from the Thames Estuary Docks to warehouses in Goodman’s Fields. Not only was the viaduct an offshoot of one of the oldest railway lines in London it ran through the midst of extremes of poverty and wealth, fortune and misfortune. The Railway line physically separates Wapping from Whitechapel; the docklands from the inner city highways. Famous local landmarks and events include Tower Bridge, Tower of London, St Katharine’s Docks, News International (Wapping- No Sun Zone disputes 1986), Wiltons Music Hall, The old Royal Mint, Cable Street (‘They shall not pass’ anti fascist riots 1936), Cable Street Mural, Leman Street and Prescott Street Co-operative movement (‘99 Tea’), the German Church (Alie Street), 17C Proof House… Now, in the goldrush towards the 2012 Olympics the area is being transformed again. Historic buildings and architectural moments risk being lost forever - demolished or hidden in the shadow of massive new ‘hi rise’ buildings. Before all is lost ArtZone is visually documenting the area for a number of environmental campaigns and local history groups. Part of the ‘Mapping Survey’ (commissioned through Eco Thames Co-op and ‘Goodman’s Fields Viaduct’ businesses) was submitted to help extend local conservation areas. Other photographic documentation has been exhibited in local galleries and community centres, archival and illustrated publication projects in collaboration with ETC are currently underway.