ArtZone Co-Op


Save the Goodman’s Field Viaduct Nature Reserve

Artzone Co-operative’s media skills were put towards the local campaign to save ‘Goodman’s Fields Viaduct at Pinchin Street’ from the grips of local property developers. The viaduct, built in the 1870s, is both a listed site of importance for nature conservation (SINC) and a historic location (Jack the Ripper connections) as well as a community of small businesses working in the arches. Recently, all this was put under threat of demolition to make way for an over ambitious and unsympathetic development by the recently demised TH Environment Trust. ArtZone provided visual documentation of the viaduct and the surrounding Whitechapel area. We produced newsletters, a questionnaire and campaign materials that were circulated locally. The campaign also connected up with Tower Hamlets Biodiversity Partnership and Trees for Cities. This collaboration helped save the viaduct as well as encouraged trees to be planted in the surrounding streets. Another small mark of this success was noted in a recently adopted Tower Hamlets council ‘eco policy’ which re-established the viaduct as a site of importance for both nature conservation and industrial history.