ArtZone Co-Op


Raising the Co-op flag in Tower Hamlets

On Wednesday 14 March Tower Hamlets Co-operatives Forum was joined by Mark Sesnan (GLL), James Grayson (THCP), Brian Nicholson (London Dockers), Ismail Saray (ArtZone Co-operative), Jenni Boswell-Jones (THCF) and others alongside Mayor Lutfur Rahman, and Cabinet Lead for Resources Cllr Alibor Choudhury, and Cllr Oliur Rahman (Cabinet Lead for Children's Services) to raise a Co-op flag on Tower Hamlets Town Hall, Mulberry Place. This event not only marked Tower Hamlets support for the 'International Year of Co-ops' it also marked the Mayor's commitment to the Co-operative movement.

Policy is in the making which encourages the growth of local co-operatives, through procurement from local suppliers and commitment to 'fair trade' and ethical business practice. However, this is a huge task to achieve. Small businesses need big support to give them the ability to supply at high demand without succumbing to unethical and unco-operative practices.

Raising the Co-op flag on the local Town Hall is a small but significant step. The time to deliver has arrived.

Join the co-operative movement - support your local co-ops - be part of the family.