ArtZone Co-Op


We have grown our expertise since 1983 - from ‘cut and paste’ to being part of the “DTP revolution” - when we bought our first Apple Mac instead of a house - the first of many (apple macs), QX, PS…

We like developing close working relationships with our customers so’s to ensure the end product is empathetic: visually, culturally, and linguistically. We provide our skills to organisations with a social conscience and whose principles are aligned with the Co-operative and Labour Movement. We work with local authorities, statutory organisations, NHS services, universities, educational institutions, co-operative businesses, social enterprises, trade unions, campaigns, (ethical) businesses, and of course individuals who share our principles. We do not follow hard-nosed business practice as preached by sharp suited business school barons driven only by accumulation of singular profit - to whom ‘equity’ means only the value of their share. We operate a sliding scale of fees (often to fit “very tight budgets”) so’s to achieve the best solution for our customers because our customers should give their best to their community.