ArtZone Co-Op



ArtZone takes on commissions to document activities and projects using photography, video, research, illustration, or written articles.


ArtZone carries out visual surveys on a range of socio/economic and cultural issues and assists in the design development and production of informational and illustrative materials. We also assist on electronic data archiving.


ArtZone develops ideas and concepts for cultural, educational and social activities. We assist with programming of discussions, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and content development, design and production of information and promotional materials.


ArtZone assists organisations develop campaigns particularly those concerning cultural, educational and social issues through information research and production of promotional and campaigning materials that generate maximum publicity and interest.


ArtZone has long experience developing and constructing websites. From attractively simple direct web presences to complex data driven web experiences. We believe each of our customers is unique and deserve a website that is not only the best working solution for their needs but also reflects their unique'ness.

An example of one of our data driven information websites:

KidsZone London information services

ArtZone Co-operative has developed a web information service covering health and education issues aimed towards children aged between 0 - 6 years old. The website evolved from our work with local Health and Children's Services organisations, the NHS, and SureStarts. The combination of developing and producing information materials for Children's Health services, journalism, content management and developing data driven websites emerged as a free at the point of use web service for parents and professionals working with children. The site is 'borough based' and is made publicly available through local authority subscription. Initially the site covers the 12 Boroughs located in North East quarter of London. All 'services' relating to health education and culture have been mapped and listed. The site is interactive and provides opportunities to advertise and seek work in children's services as well as hold open dialogue 'chat rooms' where issues around parenting and children can take place.

The project is still awaiting serious response from London's local authorities or the NHS about partnership working and subscription commitments that will ensure the site is free at the point of use for all London's parents and professionals working in the children's health, education and cultural / social services sector.

The actual site will only be shown to serious potential partners - however an 'introductory site' which only gives a flavour of the project can be seen at: